Welcome to Motorcycle Talk.

This is passion project of Rev. Kenn Blanchard.  Subscribe to the list so you can be notified when the new podcast comes out.  I’ve been riding motorcycles since 1976.  I absolutely love talking to and about motorcyclist, riding, tech, places you’ve been and things in this culture.  If I had it my way, I’d own a biker club where we could hang out and do just that.  So this is my virtual spot on the web to connect with riders, bikers, motorcyclist.  I am not prejudice.  I like Cam Am, Polaris Slingshots, Indian motorcycles, Victory motorcycles, Yamahas, Suzuki, Hondas, Harley-Davidson, Buells, Kawasaki, BMW, KTM, Norton, Ducati, and Triumphs.

I had a fun podcast called Motorcycle Radio a few years ago that I let pod-fade (die).  I decided to bring some of that back to see where I could go with it.  I’ve been podcasting since 2007 with the Black Man With A Gun Show and in 2018 started the Speak Life Podcast.

If you like talking about motorcycling, riding and learning from others I welcome you here on this ride with me.  I need content so if you have stories I want to hear them.  I want to share them for the folks that can’t ride anymore or maybe just starting.  I want to keep it family friendly so grandpa can let it play while his kids are nearby.  It’s a courtesy thing, you understand.  Are you good with a wrench?  I’m not, can’t turn a screw without stripping it but I would love to learn from you on how to do all manner of things.  Help a brother/sister out.

Speaking of sisters, there has been a growing number of women on the road since I began and I really want to hear their perspective.

Have I got your attention yet?  This is your show.  If it is successful, you’ll have made it so. Thank you for following.
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