Are you a motorcyclist, biker or rider?

What do you call yourself?

For those that love riding on two wheels, this is one of the questions that we ponder is where we are on the spectrum of our peers. There are three major types of motorcycle: street, off-road, and dual purpose. Within these types, there are many sub-types of motorcycles for different purposes. But the ones who ride call themselves different things. After you read this let me know where you fall on the scale.

The question of who you are varies in the eyes of the beholder. The difference between a biker and a motorcyclist isn’t easily answered. We who ride are both male and female I am glad to say. To make it easier on my writing, I refer to the masculine. No slight was intended sisters.

Are you a biker or a motorcyclist?

One is considered tougher, independent, and rebellious. One rides even if they have a choice of vehicles. One has logged in thousands of miles in all types of conditions. One is most likely to own a motorcycle and park it in front of a bar or club most of the time. It’s all about the image to them and not about riding at all. One only cares about riding and not the image. Their entire life revolves around bikes and riding. They like to ride with groups and consider others like them family. One is an outlaw.

One is the kind of guy with way too much chrome on his obviously overpriced cruiser. One rides expensive European bikes. One prefers Japanese sport bikes. One is prejudice against anyone that doesn’t ride the same American made bike as him or an equivalent that costs more. One garages his bike and doesn’t ride any day that isn’t a sunny weekend in the summer.

One doesn’t wear protective clothing, and can be seen riding in a t-shirt and a helmet that is legal but not safe. One wears a full face helmet that does more in an impact than protecting the crown of the head and jacket/ pants that actually protect his body from the road.

One thinks that highway riding is boring, and would rather take the back roads everywhere just to enjoy the turns. One has taken a motorcycle safety foundation course. One knows how to take his bike apart and put it back together.
As I put this together I saw that the ONLY difference lies in who is using the term. Anyone with a bike can be called a motorcyclist. If you look at the characteristics of those considered “outlaw bikers” there are some traits that show that there are those that imitate that lifestyle up to a point.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
Unfortunately, looking like an outlaw and not being one is looked upon negatively and referred to as “posing”. But wait there’s more…In a time of multiple choices, some even still use a different term. They call themselves “riders.”

Titles have always been important. So what do you call yourself?

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