Motorcycle Riders Company In Odenton is Gone

Last week, the motorcycle repair and retail shop called Motorcycle Riders Company, 1099 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD 21113 closed its doors.  It was a sad day for me when I saw it.  I had planned on taking my 05 Harley there for a change of fluids.  Mike’s team had put on a set of white walls on my bike last season for me.  I wanted to work with Mike and MRC to produce a podcast sponsored by them.  I am sad it never happened.

Independent businesses like this one are a rarity.  Good ones even more so.  I don’t know why it closed but my guesses would be that although the service was great the numbers didn’t show it. I hope to get the owner on if possible to give us the inside scoop.  I wanted to add podcasting to Mikes marketing efforts but like many small businesses he didn’t know what he didn’t know.  In my mind, I was going to be the motorcycle podcaster that advertised his shop, his Friday night events and specials. He was working it.  He had the support.  He had a community.  I don’t think I convinced him though.  If I was as committed to my theory, as I believed I could be, podcasted on site anyway.  Something about being told “no” early in your creative journey, I guess.  Two Harley Davidson dealers locally weren’t that amendable either to any ideas I had where podcast were concerned.  They’ll come around.  Someone else will present the idea and it will be accepted.  It’s always that way.

On the MRC Facebook page Mike thanked everyone for their patronage and support over the six years of being there.  He went out classy like he came in.  Nothing frilly, just honest, humble Mike.

The Motorcycle Talk podcast is the updated version of Motorcycle Radio that I started “back in the day.”  Looking to take this one where I failed and podfaded too early before.